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By empowering employees to surface and solve problems, TSSC helps its customers make positive, sustainable changes. Placing ownership for quality and efficiency on the individuals improves the productivity of the organization as a whole. Over time, the Toyota Production System has proven to reduce waste leading to:

  • Improved quality and safety
  • Cost reduction
  • Shorter customer lead time (or wait periods)

What Services Do We Provide?

A triangular chart showing the elements of the Toyota Production System


TPS isn't just a tool kit; it's a culture of problem solving at every level of the organization, from top management to the workplace. TSSC offers a wide range of services for any business or nonprofit to get started:

  • Workplace Support – On-site support to implement change thoroughly.
  • Workshops – Participants will learn about the philosophy, management systems, and technical tools of TPS.
  • Customized Workshops/Training – Based on availability, TSSC can tailor an approach to suit your organization.
TSSC Services Objectives Who Should Attend Length
Top Management Workshop
  • Understand key differences between TPS and traditional management
  • Understand the impact of TPS on the organization as a whole
  • Understand top management's role in the TPS transformation
Upper management (CEO, COO, VP, etc.) 2.5 days
Kaizen Leader Workshop
  • Understand key differences between TPS and traditional management systems that lead to better quality and efficiency
  • Learn technical TPS elements that improve quality and efficiency and lower cost.
Person(s) responsible for leading the hands-on transformation 1.5 days
Shop Floor Support
  • Provides hands-on support in a non-traditional way. We work very closely with leaders to implement change quickly and thoroughly
A flow chart depicting the TSSC transformation Process