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Gorham, ME

Jøtul North America
55 Hutcherson Dr.
Gorham, ME 04038

Jøtul North America, Gorham, ME
Products: Stoves (Wood & Gas), Fireplace Inserts
Processes: R&D, Laser Cut, Punch, Brake, Weld, Paint, Assembly
Uses sequential production system more suited to high variety production


Georgetown, KY

TMMK North American Production Support Center (NAPSC)
1001 Cherry Blossom Way
Building 603
Georgetown, KY 40324

Summit Polymers, Mt. Sterling, KY
Products:  Molded, decorated and assembled plastic systems for automotive applications
Processes:  Assembly, molding, paint
Uses Pull System of manufacturing suitable for high volume, low variety production.


Spring Lake, MI

Holiday Inn
940 W. Savidge St.
Spring Lake, MI 49456               
Phone:  616-846-1000

Herman Miller, Spring Lake, MI
Product: Filing cabinets
Processes: Assembly, paint, welding, stamping
Uses sequential production system more suited to high variety production.


Salt Lake City, UT

O.C. Tanner Company
1930 S. State Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

O.C. Tanner Company, Salt Lake City, UT
Product: Meaningful Awards that elevate employee experiences and strengthen organizational culture