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“Our vision is to engage audiences and our community better than any other orchestra in the world. By taking a deep dive in a pilot area (Young People’s Concert) and applying Toyota’s philosophies we are able to fine tune our processes one program at a time; while developing a team of CSO employees who can better serve customers today and in the future.”
CSO President Trey Devey


Each season more than 18,000 students from over 120 schools and groups from Southeast Indiana, Northern Kentucky and Southwest Ohio attend the CSO's Young People's Concerts; which translates to coordinating and scheduling approximately 50 school buses, street closures, managing weather complications and lots of energy from 3,500 students eager to enjoy each performance.

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

The Challenge

CSO’s business needs were clear.  They invited Toyota to help ensure students’ safety; reduce student dismissal time (from the first bus being dismissed after the show to the last bus leaving Music Hall) and maximize the overall experience of students and volunteers.


Inch-wide, mile deep dive: reduce student dismissal time and increase patron experience while ensuring CSO patron safety.

  • First: reduced batch sizes of buses leaving and orchestrating 1 by 1 continuous flow of students from hall seats to buses;
  • Second: provided clear, concise and timely information to schools ahead of each performance which meant less ‘processing’ wait time at time of departure;
  • Third: developed a bus numbering & parking system that directs dismissal sequence; helping reduce wait time outside Music Hall.  Allowed continuous flow of school buses once loaded;
  • Fourth: standardized work.  If a music score is the roadmap for the musical conductor and musicians, standardized work is the basis for all other Young People’s Concert components to work in unison. The CSO/TSSC team standardized the arrival and dismissal process, communicated the new process with schools and developed a visual management system for bus parking.


How did the CSO optimize an already A+ performance?  By reducing dismissal time from 60 minutes to 24, a 60% reduction — and producing 100% customer satisfaction.

Looks like TPS found a new home –center stage– at the historic Music Hall.