The Toyota Production System — also known as TPS — is an organizational culture that engages people to continuously make improvements. This culture is created and sustained by three integrated elements:

1) Toyota’s Philosophy

Toyota’s philosophy includes:

  • Customer First: Provide customers with what they want, when they want it and in the amount they want it.
  • People are the Most Valuable Resource: Deeply respect, engage and develop people.
  • Continuous Improvement: Engage everyone each and every day.
  • Shop Floor Focus: Go to where the work is done to find and solve problems.

2) TPS Tools & Practices

Use appropriate TPS Tools and Practices to achieve:

  • Just-in-Time production practices.
  • Built-in Quality (Jidoka) to expose roadblocks to improving safety, quality, cost and lead time.

3) Managerial Role

  • Leaders inspire and develop people to surface and solve problems to improve performance.

See examples of TPS in action by visiting our projects page here.

To learn about TPS please watch the video below.